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1st August 2016
There is always a risk in writing a column that, by the time readers get to see it, the article is already out of date.  That risk has never been greater than in the weeks following the EU referendum when political stories appeared to be on fast-forward.
Anyway, here are a few brief thoughts on that period, in the hope that these comments are not already out of date by the time you read this.
First, the referendum.  I am not going to disguise from you that I was disappointed the country voted to leave.  Nonetheless, that is the decision and we have to respect it and make the best of it.  
Locally, the Three Rivers District voted narrowly to leave but analysis of the results suggests that the South West Hertfordshire constituency voted to remain (the votes were counted by district council so you cannot tell for sure, but the central estimate I have seen is that South West Hertfordshire was 56% remain).
Second, the resignation of David Cameron.  I understood why he resigned but I was sorry to see him go.  As Prime Minister he has been driven by the values of public service and the national interest and he achieved much in his six years as Prime Minister.
Third, the election of Theresa May as Prime Minister.  I was pleased with the outcome and voted for her in both ballots of Conservative MPs.  I was also pleased that the process was completed quickly, providing political certainty at an early stage.
Finally, on a personal note, I was honoured to be promoted to attend the Cabinet as Chief Secretary to the Treasury.  I am no longer the ‘Minister for Tax’ but now ‘Minister for Controlling Public Spending’ – another sure fire route to popularity!  Plenty of new challenges ahead.


David holds regular surgeries at various places in the constituency, including Rickmansworth, South Oxhey, Berkhamsted and Tring. 
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22nd June, South Oxhey
6th July, Berkhamsted
20th July, Rickmansworth
2nd August, Tring
13th August, South Oxhey
31st August, Berkhamsted
14th September, Rickmansworth
28th September, Tring
19th October, South Oxhey
26th October, Berkhamsted
9th November, Rickmansworth

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