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16th May 2017

The perils of having a gap between deadlines and publication is that what you write for an issue can seem somewhat out-of-date by the time of publication. 

So it was with my column last month.  Easter Monday, I submitted a piece wittering on about moving home from one house in Chorleywood to another, plus saying a word or two about a couple of issues that I would come back to in future editions.

The next morning, I go into work, attend my first meeting of the morning at which point the Prime Minister tells us that she intends to hold a General Election on 8 June.  The nature of national politics – and my early Summer – had taken an unexpected turn.

I try to refrain from party politics in this column.  I won’t dwell on the type of leadership the country needs for the next five years, other than to say that strength and stability are not to be underestimated in the circumstances.  You can draw your own conclusion as to how this should influence your vote!

Election periods mean that life becomes more varied – sometimes campaigning in my own constituency, sometimes helping out in a target seat, sometimes doing broadcast interviews.  On the plus side, there is more exercise and fresh air.  But there is always plenty to do and an element of uncertainty as to the result, so it is not exactly stress-free for any candidate.

No one forces us to be candidates or party activists.  For those of us who are, it is an exciting if unpredictable time.  But for the country as a whole, it is always an important time – democracy in action.  So one thing I do feel I can say in this column, is this.  Use your vote – don’t leave it to others.


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