David’s House Notes

28th January 2018

So 2018 had an unexpected start.

It came as no surprise that there was going to be a Cabinet reshuffle on the first Parliamentary day of the year but, having been Secretary of State for Work & Pensions for just seven months, I assumed I would be staying put.

That is not how it turned out to be.  At around 3.30pm, I was told that the Prime Minister wanted to see me in about an hour.  This didn’t necessarily mean I was going to be moved because even those being reappointed to their previous positions were being asked to meet with the Prime Minister.

However, when I went in to see the Prime Minister, she thanked me for my work at DWP but said that she wanted to promote me to Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice.  It is a very great honour and I accepted.

The previous seven months at DWP had been fascinating.  I enjoyed getting to grips with welfare policy and being involved with the development of Universal Credit has been very exciting.  I think it will be a huge step forward in helping people move into work and progress in work.

My new role will bring new challenges.  In my first week, I visited a high security prison and I look forward to having a greater understanding of prison reform.  The rule of law is an essential element to what this country is all about, and I will be its advocate and defender.  I hope my background as a solicitor – the first lawyer in five lord chancellors – will help.

At the time of writing, I am in my early days in the position.  I hope to be able to say more about its responsibilities – as well as returning to constituency news – in future columns.



David holds regular surgeries at various places in the constituency, including Rickmansworth, South Oxhey, Berkhamsted and Tring. 
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