David’s House Notes

2nd March 2018

The news on the Metropolitan Line Extension, or Croxley Rail Link, is not good.

Let me set out a little history on this.  The proposal to extend the Metropolitan Line to Watford Junction has been a priority for the Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership and County Council for some time.  In 2015, there was a concern that the costs of the project would overrun but, after much effort by many (but Richard Harrington, in particular), Transport for London (‘TfL’) agreed to step in and deliver the project and take the risk of a cost overrun.

In 2016, there was a change in Mayor of London and in 2017 it was clear that Sadiq Khan was no longer prioritising the project.  TfL reassessed the costs of the delivering it and identified a shortfall of £73m.

Richard and I then worked together to persuade all the relevant bodies that the project was viable.  The Department for Local Government agreed to find the funding for £73m because it would result in many more homes.  The Department for Transport and Network Rail would allow TfL to benefit from the ‘air rights’ for development along much the route – in the long term, a big concession.  It appeared that all of the Mayor’s concerns had been met.

But then came the very disappointing news that, even with all this support, the Mayor still wouldn’t back the plan.  Possibly, the Mayor’s policies have caused a crisis in TfL’s finances.  Or it might just be that non-London services will always get a raw deal from this particular London Mayor.  But he is pulling out, even though all his concerns have been met.

I think we’ve been let down by Sadiq Khan.  I hope this is not the end for the Metropolitan Line Extension.  But, at the moment, its prospects are looking bleak


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