David’s House Notes

4th October 2018

The autumn is a stop-start period in Westminster.  We returned to Parliament for a fortnight before breaking again for three weeks for the party conference season.

It was an eventful two weeks in Parliament from a Ministry of Justice perspective.  We had two bills debated in the House of Commons.  The first, the Civil Liabilities Bill is designed to reduce the cost of whiplash claims on the motorist.  The second, the Voyeurism Bill, is designed to outlaw ‘upskirting’, or, at least, close a gap in the law in this area.

As well as working on these bills, I managed to fit in a day trip to Berlin to meet my German counterpart, as well as visit a German prison.  There was also an extra Cabinet meeting on Brexit (no doubt I will return to that subject), as well as much happening with prisons (again, I suspect I will come back to that).

Another area of responsibility for me is divorce law.  Currently, our divorce laws either require a lengthy period of separation or for fault (on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour, adultery or desertion) to be attributed to one of the parties.  This requirement causes unnecessary animosity and can make a difficult position worse.

We are now consulting on changing this, so that a divorce can happen after a notification and a cooling off period.  In my view, it is an overdue change and the proposal seems to have gone down well.


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