David’s House Notes

15th November 2018

At a time when politics tends to focus on what divides us, the centenary of the First World War armistice is something which has brought the country together.

The devastation of the 1914-18 conflict left few families untouched and, at the distance of 100 years, seems almost unimaginable.  Rightly, we have commemorated that anniversary this year as an occasion of great national significance.

I help out with the Rickmansworth Branch of the British Legion for an hour or two every year by selling poppies on the High Street.  I am struck by the strong support the cause has from people of all ages, class or ethnicity.  There is a very strong appreciation for the sacrifices made in the World Wars and more recent conflicts.

Remembrance Sunday is a special day for the country – this year more than ever.  As a Cabinet minister, I am privileged to be invited to attend the service at the Cenotaph.  It is a brief but moving service – a hymn, wreath laying, prayers and the National Anthem.   The senior members of the Royal Family attend, as well as leaders of the political parties, all the former Prime Ministers, representatives of religious organisations and Commonwealth dignitaries.

Once the service is complete, guests return to the Foreign Office for a reception given that the parades circling Whitehall mean it is not possible to leave the area.  Once the parades have marched past, there is just time to dash back to Rickmansworth for the local parade and church service.  When I say ‘just time’, I found myself reaching Our Lady’s Church ten seconds before the parade began its march to St Mary’s!

I am very grateful to those who ensure that both locally and nationally we properly commemorate the sacrifices of those who died to protect our freedoms.  It is right that we continue to do so.


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