David's House Notes

1st May 2019

Time to take a break from writing about Brexit (not for long, I fear) and return to a local issue.  

The quality of the acute healthcare in South West Hertfordshire is a longstanding concern.  For decades, the issue of the quality and location of hospitals has been a contentious issue.  

When I first became an MP in 2005, the big issue was whether Watford or Hemel Hempstead should be the location of the Accident and Emergency hospital.  The proposal was that one site would scale back its existing services and the other would receive major investment.  But when it came down to it, Hemel lost its A&E but Watford never got the promised investment.

Some years later, it is widely recognised that the current provision is unsatisfactory.  The Government has prioritised additional investment in the NHS and there is an opportunity to bid for funds for improved facilities.

There are two proposals being put forward.  The first is for £350m to be spent upgrading Watford Hospital.  This is put forward by the local Hospital Trust and the Clinical Commissioning Group.

The alternative proposal is from local campaigners, calling for an entirely new state-of-the-art hospital, to be built on a greenfield site.  But, its critics say, a new hospital has real planning risks, requires new infrastructure and is likely to be considerably more expensive.  It is argued that going for the new site might be unachievable, and risks missing the opportunity to get the funding needed to redevelop the existing hospital.


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