David's House Notes

2nd September 2019

There’s quite a lot I can report on in this month’s column.

We have a new Prime Minister, a new Cabinet and a new policy on Brexit. At a personal level, I have left the Government after nine years as a minister.

On my personal position, as I have consistently argued, I believe that the responsible way of honouring the 2016 referendum result is to leave the EU with a deal. In 2016, the Vote Leave campaign argued throughout that we would leave with a deal and I do not believe that there is a democratic mandate for a no deal departure.

As candidate for the leadership of the Conservative Party, Boris Johnson made it clear that he wants to get a deal. However, he also said that we would definitely leave on 31 October, with or without a deal, ‘do or die’.

In my view, that is a mistake. Such are the risks of a no deal Brexit and such is the unlikelihood of reaching a new deal before the end of October, it was clear to me that I would not be able to support leaving on 31 October ‘do or die’. Immediately after Theresa May’s last Prime Minister’s Questions, I went to her Parliamentary office and resigned as Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice.

It has been a huge privilege to serve as a Minister, first in the Treasury, then at the Department for Work & Pensions and, for the last 19 months, at the Ministry of Justice. I was sorry to have to depart but felt I had no choice but to resign on principle. But, of course, I continue as MP for South West Hertfordshire and, in that capacity, I will continue to play an active role in the issues facing the country.



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