Northern Ireland and no-deal Brexit

5th September 2019

David Gauke questions Government about impact of no-deal Brexit on Northern Ireland and time needed to pass legislation.

It is clear from what my right hon. Friend is saying that if we have a no-deal Brexit and Stormont is not up and running, in order to protect the rights of Northern Ireland we need to take powers; in order to take powers we need to legislate; and in order to legislate the House needs to be sitting. Is it not also clear that if the House does not pass that legislation by the end of October because it has been prorogued or dissolved, the rights of the people of Northern Ireland will be detrimentally affected?

Again, the priority has to be getting Stormont up and running. I have been honest and open to the House about the need for powers, and clearly my right hon. Friend is right that at the very heart of the need for those powers are the rights of citizens in Northern Ireland.




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